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Letter from the Gordons

Dear Jason,


    Thanks for your efforts in developing the outstanding design for our new home in Superstition Mountain!


    If you have any new potential clients looking for a reference on your work, feel free to have them contact us. We really appreciated your thoroughness in considering the specific house placement on our lot to optimize view angles; as well as your creativity in considering all aspects of the floor plan. I think you have a significant advantage by working collaboratively with Landmark given your collective experience in Superstition Mountain.


    In my discussions with the HOA Design Review Committee it was evident that you have an excellent reputation with them & are clearly acknowledged as someone that really knows how to respect their process. I have heard lots of stories from other owners about how complicated this can be & think it is important for any future owners to carefully consider this when selecting a design company.


    We sincerely appreciate everything you have done to bring our dream home to reality Jason. 


Jay & Joanne Gordon 

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