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Commitment to Excellence

At Encore Design Group, our “Commitment to Excellence” makes your design process both enjoyable and efficient. Our reputation is based not only on the high-quality of work we produce, but also on the time-frame in which we produce it. Furthermore, we understand that it takes a “Team Effort” to be successful, therefore, every person involved in the design process is vital. At EDG, we are known for providing “Clean Plans”, thus limiting costly design and construction changes. 

Area of Expertise

Encore Design Group expertise has lies in designing high-end custom homes, remodels, renovations and additions, however, we also apply our quality designs to commercial construction, as well. We have a proven record of providing attractive designs and floor plans that reflect both classic finishes and state-of-the-art building materials. EDG homes can be seen in most high-end upscale communities throughout the valley, as well as throughout the west coast.  


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